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Posted on 11, October 2013

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Turn on your television sets and if you have chosen a channel with commercials then the chances are you will spot at least one during any given program for an online bingo brand. A name added to the list of sites now advertising on television is Chit Chat Bingo but does the commercial do the brand justice?

The Chit Chat Bingo advert starts with a hand dressed as a well to do woman sporting a ‘neck’ scarf. The fingers and thumb move like a mouth and a voice says “Hands up who wants to play some bingo’. A new hand is then on the screen saying ‘Good luck everyone, fingers crossed.’

This continues throughout the 30 second commercial with the three different hands chatting about bingo, including a rugby one who says ‘O M G, two numbers already!”

At 20 seconds into the commercial a cartoon lady appears to tell you all about the welcome bonus offered including the 10x wagering by way of small print on the screen.

The Chit Chat Bingo isn’t great in our opinion and in all honesty, could come under fire from the Advertising Standards Agency for appealing to children. However, the reason it fails in our opinion is that there is nothing that grabs your attention and it certainly doesn’t make the brand memorable.

Of course, this is just our opinion why not take a look at the commercial by clicking the image below and let us know what you think of the commercial for this brand?

Visit: Chit Chat Bingo


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