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Posted on 9, October 2014

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Kitty Bingo is back on the small screen advertising their wares but this time, instead of a selection of women stroking their pussies there is a new star of the show, Fido the dog. Whilst the cat in the commercial still appears to come out on top, we do like that the ladies and their felines have taken a back seat and feel the new commercial is more in keeping with the brand. We especially like the tie-in to the current welcome offer and the use of Fido and his tail to do it.

In the Kitty Bingo advert Fido is seen catching some rays in the garden as his owner pegs out her washing. A cat strolls across the lawn before glances are exchanged between the feline and the canine. Fido then has his tail slapped by the cat causing him to chase it, the tail not the cat, in circles as dogs are well known for doing.

It is at this point the voiceover tells of easier ways to get free spins whilst the lady’s washing is emblazoned with the current welcome offer from the brand – a 300% cash match bonus and 100 free slot spins.

We’ve seen many different adverts for many different online bingo sites but the new Kitty Bingo offering is one of the better ones we have seen. It is certainly an improvement on the array of older women stroking their cats whilst telling us why they love them. Those commercials should be relegated to the ‘Never To Be Seen Again’ bin.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the most recent advert from Kitty Bingo, here it is:

Visit: Kitty Bingo


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