New Look Bingo Sites And A Closure 0

Posted on 22, March 2013

in Category Bingo News, New Bingo Sites

A couple of online bingo brands have recently had a makeover and now sport different home pages but are the changes for the better? One of the brands to give their landing page a lick of virtual paint is 888 Bingo and the other Gold Medal Bingo but in all honesty, neither are an improvement. Both are Dragonfish networked brands and so was Online Bingo Chief, a site that we have noticed is no longer.

Despite being members of the latter we received no notice of the impending closure but when you try and visit the domain, it simply takes you to a page that say the server cannot be found. A bit of digging reveals that the domain was last updated on 20th March 13 despite the domain not expiring until January 2014. Could it be that this is what has knocked the product offline?

We’ll be keeping an eye on Online Bingo Chief over the next few days to see if this was just a blip or if the site has really closed.

With regard to the new look sites for 888 Bingo and Gold Medal Bingo it would appear the order of the day is gaudy for the new look. 888 Bingo has maintained the red and black colour scheme but added a cartoon character to welcome you in whilst losing a plethora of information. Gold Medal Bingo have opted for a sickly yellow but have incorporated a better welcome bonus for new players with the new look.

It’s nice to see that some brands are not sitting resting on their laurels and trying to become more appealing to the end user, you the player, but sadly these two haven’t made much of an improvement.

Update:Since writing this news article Online Bingo Chief has been restored to its former ‘glory’. It would appear this was simply an issue with the domain rather than the site actually closing.