New Look For New Look Bingo 0

Posted on 31, December 2014

in Category Bingo News

When New Look Bingo first opened to players in April 2013 we were welcomed with some cartoony eyes in the logo and a very colourful aesthetic on the home page. However, recently the brand underwent a bit of a makeover, a virtual lick of paint if you like and things have changed. Usually when a site sports a new look it’s an improvement on what was previously available, this is not the case with this brand!

The colourful and bright look of the New Look Bingo homepage has been replaced with a rather garish green and a boring brown; an insipid combination that is unlikely to entice the player to actually register and play at the site.

The homepage of any brand is like the receptionist in any office, the cover of any book – in essence, the first impression that anyone visiting gets of the product. Surely then this should be the best it possibly can be rather than what we now see at New Look Bingo. Maybe the brand should be renamed as Not So Hot Look?

Nothing else has changed about the bingo game on offer or the welcome deals for new players. The awful colour scheme has been carried through to the lobby though so where at other sites you may only have had to stomach the disgusting colours whilst you register, at this site you are literally stuck with it.

The design team need to revisit this site pretty quickly in our opinion, at least if they are hoping to attract new customers through their virtual doors!


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