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Posted on 1, April 2014

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In August of last year I made an observation that Charity Bingo was failing to keep on top of the charitable side of its site, the brand’s unique selling point (USP). The information on the page dedicated to offering news of the donations or worthy causes the site professed to support had not been updated between February and August 2013, something that rang alarm bells in my head. You can read the original post here.

The original claim of Charity Bingo was that it would donate 10% of every deposit made at the site but recently we have noted a change. The current page at the site says that they will donate £1 for every £20 deposited (and this is only on single transactions, no money is donated for 2 x £10 deposits, information that was only acquired by asking the question and is not clear on the page).

The original charity page can be viewed on the following link:

Whilst the new page can be seen on the link below:

I wanted to know how much and to whom Charity Bingo had donated since launch in late 2012 and as such contacted the site owner. Despite numerous emails requesting the information I was ignored, which makes me wonder whether charitable donations were ever made up to December 2013?

Charity Bingo isn’t the only site online at the moment that sells itself to the player by professing to donate to charity. There are many sites doing the same – Pink Ribbon Bingo, Big Heart Bingo and more recently Tickety Boo Bingo to name just a few.

Of the list above, Big Heart Bingo is similar to Charity Bingo in so far as there is no actual information on the site about the amount they have donated; they simply provide a list of charities that they make donations to without any values. I have requested the information from this site too and await their response.

Pink Ribbon Bingo link directly to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity page and are listed as a partner for the charity. 15% of their gross revenue is donated and it’s clear, if this were not happening, Breakthrough Breast Cancer would not be listing the brand as a partner.

Tickety Boo Bingo is owned by Marie Curie Cancer Care so there is really no question as to the charitable side of this brand.

What I’d like to see from sites like Charity Bingo is more transparency because currently I don’t have a good feeling about the site. I want to believe good things and that the owner has been contributing to charity to the value of what was being advertised but I am not confident that this is the case. Initially I wanted this article to be a feel good piece about how much the site has donated. However, despite stating in my contact with the site owner that providing details of the charitable donations would mean ‘a great news story with a really nice feel good factor to it’, no communication or response has been received. Make of that what you will.

Whilst there have clearly been some changes for the better in the transparency for the donations being made by this brand, the question still remains – what did Charity Bingo donate for the period October 2012 to December 2013 and to whom? Were the donations made at all? How can the online bingo player be sure that the percentage of their deposit promised to charity is actually given as per advertised? It doesn’t sit right with me and whilst I understand some people like to keep their charitable donations to themselves rather than brag, this is a brand whose USP is the charitable donations and I believe the end user, the bingo player who deposits with the brand, should be able to see exactly where their money is going.

I do know that a recent change in management has been the reason for the improvement in transparency but this does not negate the previous 12+ months of charitable donations that cannot be viewed.


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