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Posted on 27, April 2014

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When it comes to advertising online gaming of any kind it often seems that Paddy Power Bingo like to overstep a mark or too. The reason for this is quite obvious, the more ‘out there’ the marketing, the more people talk about it and this is certainly true of the latest bingo advert from this brand. Paddy Power Bingo is being promoted using pink pigeon poo!

When you first read the sentence, certainly if your squeamish, you may turn your nose up but actually the new Paddy Power Bingo advert is quite good in our opinion. In case you are wondering why bird poo was used, it’s to do with the old superstition that having a bird poo on you is lucky.

It is considered good luck because the odds of it happening are 1 in a billion or something, if you can get a bird to poop on you then surely you should be able to win something. Using a big pink pigeon to cash in on this superstition is so Paddy Power!

If you have not seen the commercial, click the image below to watch it via YouTube.

Paddy Power Bingo may turn a few stomachs with their current commercial but are they going to turn a few web clicks to their brand over the 350+ available on the Internet today? We think so simply because the advert is fun and after all, a little fun with a chance of winning money, always a great combination!

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