Players No Longer Bowing To The Bingo Godz 0

Posted on 26, November 2014

in Category Bingo News, Free Bingo

One of the most anticipated site launches of the last few years was that of Bingo Godz with the industry buzzing for a quite a number of months ahead of the opening in August 2013. Whilst the industry people like ourselves were excited, players don’t really seem to have taken to the brand in the way that was expected and recent changes appear to have antagonised the loyal player.

Of course it is often a case of a disgruntled bingo player simply not liking change. For the most part we as players like what we like and can’t be swayed, unless of course you are a bingo butterfly. Bingo Godz seem to be underfire at the moment and a visit to their Facebook page makes this clear.

Yesterday the site was experiencing ‘ a few problems’ and a post on their Facebook page explaining this saw comments like ‘7 years working in online bingo…never known a site to have so many ‘issues’!!!’. Earlier in the day the site had also posted news of maintenance that was being undertaken from 8am until 9am and the sarcasm from players could easily be seen with comments like ‘think they meant 8am – 9pm haha’.

There was a cross site network promotion that ended on 23rd November and players were asking who the winners were only to be told by Bingo Godz ‘Hey! This was a cross-site, network promotion, so unfortunately we don’t have access to the winners info. If you were one of the lucky ones, you’ll be credited by 29th November. Thanks‘.

We’ve always hoped that after a slow start with poor promotions things were going to improve on this standalone site but it would seem currently they are going in the other direction.

Come on Bingo Godz, up the game and bring us the unique and impressive gaming experience we’ve been waiting for!

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