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Posted on 2, December 2014

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The Beacon Bingo club in Cricklewood became a Guinness World Record holder on Sunday 30th November. What was the record for? It was because the club was the first ever to giveaway £100,000 in a single game of bingo. However, this wasn’t all that was given away in what the club nicknamed The Colossus. It all started off at 6.15pm and there were no less than 25 x £1,000 prizes. In amongst this there were 3 x £10,000 full house games at the Beacon Bingo hall in Cricklewood.

It was the final house of the night that was worth a colossal £100,000 and this is roughly how it all played out at the club…

The first game boasted prizes of one line for £100, two lines for £200 and then the full house for £1,000. This was followed by a three-page book with prizes of one line for £50, two lines for £100 and the house prize of £1,000. A short interval and then it was back for the main session with three games offering one line for £100, two lines for £200 and the house for £1,000. There was then an increase in the one line (£200) and two line prizes for the next four games but the full house prizes remained at £1,000.

The next couple of games where Link games with the first offering £1,000 for the one line, two lines and house but the second saw the full house prize increase to an impressive £5,000. The National was then played with a £1,000 in house prize followed by an in house flyer with a £1,000 prize. Then the prize money got MUCH better – three games played with £1,000 for the one line, £2,000 for the two lines and £10,000 for the full house but the big money game was still to come….

The final game of the night offered up the following prizes:

One line for £1,000
Two lines for £2,000
Full house for £100,000!

A single player, a chap whose wife gave birth just a day before the game, won the jackpot! What a great weekend that was for this lucky fella.

It’s not often that we read about club promotions and genuinely wish we lived closer to a bingo hall, we did when reading about the Colossus at Beacon Bingo, Cricklewood and if they repeat the event, we may even travel to take part.

We spoke to Steve Lightfoot, the General Manager of Beacon Bingo, Cricklewood yesterday morning about the event and he had this to say “The atmosphere was electric all night. People came from all over the country to take part and everyone could sense history being made. This night will be remembered for years to come. The only problem I have now is how can I top it!

You can follow Beacon Bingo, Cricklewood on Facebook by clicking here. Alternatively you can play online at Beaky Bingo, the online arm of the brand, by clicking the link below.

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