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Posted on 25, July 2013

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On a recent visit to Tombola Bingo we noted that the site had a rather unusual ‘promotion’ being shown on their home page, the chance to get a £1 bonus simply for setting/confirming your deposit limit! Whilst we are well aware that many bingo brands online today offer a Responsible Gambling policy (it’s a requirement of their license under certain jurisdictions), this is the first time we have seen it actively promoted.

Now a cynic may see it that Tombola are simply trying to get people to increase their deposit limits but when you look closely at the Responsible Gambling page, lowering limits is immediate whilst increasing takes 24 hours.

You have to take this at face value, we certainly have, and applaud Tombola Bingo for the responsibility shown by the brand. Players are actively being encouraged to think about what they are spending at the site AND given £1 for doing so.

The options for setting your limits on the Responsible Gambling page under the ‘My Account’ section of the site are wide and varied with all of the following choices available:

Deposit Limits

1. Between £10 and £500 value
2. Per Week or Per Day
3. Locked for 24 hours, one week, one month or three months.

Cooling Off

• You can temporarily exclude yourself from the site for one day up to four weeks.

Self Exclusion

• A more permanent option above a ‘cooling off’ period is self exclusion. This cannot be reversed and you have the option of six months, 12 months or permanently.

Tombola Bingo say on their home page ‘We want to make sure everyone knows about the new features we’ve added to help you stay in control of your spending. So we’ve decided to award a £1 bonus just for setting a deposit limit, even if you just confirm the limit that is already in place. To find out more login to your account and click Responsible Gambling. ‘

Responsible Gambling Encouraged By Tombola Bingo/bingo news
Responsible Gambling at Tombola Bingo

Well done Tombola, we hope to see other brands follow your lead!

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