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Posted on 21, October 2013

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There are a number of online bingo brands that are currently running themed X Factor promotions. You have Tidy Bingo and their Tidy Factor, Mecca with their actual themed game and many more besides. However, we didn’t think that we would ever see a contestant’s performance likened to an advert for online bingo, something that a few Tweeters’ did on Saturday night and they were talking about Shelley Smith’s performance.

Shelley, the larger than life blond from Devon, took to the stage on Saturday night’s live show to sing Single Ladies by Beyonce. It was well received by some judges but Nicole Scherzinger referred to her performance as “schweird”.

Yesterday evening Shelley was sent home following the least number of votes between Saturday and Sunday, despite Sharon O’s best efforts to get Louis to vote for Kingsland Road.

Some of the twitter comments from Saturday were:

That was ‪#shaweird I can’t work out if that was a Bingo advert or dating website advert. ‪#XFactor

Oh god this like watching a terrible bingo advert ‪#xfactor

Oh so THAT’s how you make a hit Beyonce song sound like a Mecca Bingo advert. Safe! ‪#xfactor

Shelley is basically just an ITV daytime Bingo advert ‪#XFactor

Who knows, now she has left the X Factor, when all her performing duties for the tour are over, maybe we could see her star in a bingo commercial or at least perform the backing track!


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