Sky Vegas Rapped For Facebook Ad 0

Posted on 26, December 2013

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It seems nowhere on the Internet is free from ASA rulings any more since new rules came in governing content online, and the latest gaming company to fall foul of the Advertising Standards Agency are Sky Vegas. The company has lost out in a ruling concerning a sponsored post on Facebook, and yet again it’s bonus terms that are the issue.

Bonus terms have long been known to be convoluted to online bingo and casino players, but now the ASA is really cracking down, forcing companies to explain the terms of ‘free money’ on the adverts containing the offers, and the latest is this Sky Vegas ad offering ‘£10 Completely Free + 200% Deposit Bonus up to £1,000. New Customers Only, join now.’

The complainant stated that the ad did not clearly point out the terms of the offer, interpreting the ads to mean they would receive double their first deposit as a bonus for signing up.

Sky Vegas responded stating that they believed they had sufficiently laid out the requirements of the offer, especially as the terms were just ‘one click away’. However, the Advertising Standards Agency upheld the complaint as it didn’t state the conditions of the offer.

Now the ads from Sky Vegas won’t be shown again in their current form, and future ads from the company must contain the terms of the offer. As usual this ruling is going to have implications across the industry and both Sky Vegas and Sky Bingo are likely to be cautious in the future, but the impact of these decisions have repercussions across the industry and could mean a general change in the advertising we see online, in particular bonus offers.


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