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Posted on 9, November 2013

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The title of this article might have you thinking that Specsavers, like many a high street brand before it, have chosen to launch an online bingo brand. Whilst this could be on the cards, at the moment this is not the case. When we talk about the Specsavers Bingo advert we are referring to the latest commercial for the opticians that features a group of elderly people ready to play a game…

The opening scene of the commercial shows a young lady entering a village hall in an exercise outfit with her boom box apologising for being late. She presses play and LMFAO Sexy And I Know It starts to play as she begins her workout. The Specsavers Bingo advert continues with the camera panning out to the room which is filled with elderly people.

On the tables in front of them are bingo cards and dabbers and they each look pretty shocked at what is going on. As the music continues and the instructor continues her workout the pensioners slowly rise from their seats, still looking perplexed, before joining in with the hip thrust in this unusual Zumba class. Shortly after another elderly lady enters carrying a bingo machine before the strap line for all Specsavers adverts, Should Have Gone To Specsavers, appears.

We’ve seen some write ups about this commercial where there is suggested offence of bingo players, what codswallop – that makes us sound as if we have no sense of humour! It’s a fun advert and we love it! What do you think?


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