Table Top Entertainment Ltd Flout ASA Ruling (Bingo Liner, Jackpot Cafe etc.) 0

Posted on 12, August 2014

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Just a couple of weeks ago we covered the ruling from the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) against Table Top Entertainment Ltd for their bingo site Jackpot Cafe (read ruling here). They were taken to task following two complaints about a Facebook ad that suggested a player at Jackpot Cafe won £18,000 from the £20 free that this brand offer to new players. Further investigations revealed that whilst the person in question did win this amount, it was following a deposit and over a 10 month period. We were amazed to see a far greater claim made by Bingo Liner on Facebook, another company owned by Table Top Entertainment Ltd.

However, this time to advert was posted by and suggested that the lucky player won a very impressive £132,994.97. Now we did a little investigation of our own after spotting the ad and it turns out, is not an review site or banner farm as we had expected, in fact the page just takes you to a Google map image. Further detective work revealed the domain is registered through a company offering privacy packages so it is unclear as to who it belongs to.

We suspect it may be an affiliate trying to advertise the site in an unscrupulous manner but the onus should still fall to Table Top Entertainment to ensure that their brands are marketed in a fair manner. The commercial below is certainly not true and like the Jackpot Cafe ad, breaks a number of CAP Codes namely:

Marketing communications must not materially mislead or be likely to do so.

Marketing communications must not mislead consumers by exaggerating the capability or performance of a product.

Before distributing or submitting a marketing communication for publication, marketers must hold documentary evidence to prove claims that consumers are likely to regard as objective and that are capable of objective substantiation. The ASA may regard claims as misleading in the absence of adequate substantiation.

Here is the ad for Bingo Liner on Facebook:

Table Top Entertainment Ltd Flout ASA Ruling (Bingo Liner, Jackpot Cafe etc.)/bingo news bingo adverts

We certainly felt strongly enough that this needed to be investigated that we spent the time to complain directly with the ASA about the Bingo Liner advert of Facebook.

Just a little while later we also noted another advert for Bingo Cabin, another brand under the Table Top Entertainment Ltd hat. This time from whose web page redirects to the same Google page showing a place in Yeovil.

Our only advice to novice players who might actually think that this sort of claim is really true is this, if an offer seems to good to be true, more often than not it actually is.