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Posted on 11, November 2013

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Team Bingo was quite popular in the early days of online bingo when there was a more social aspect to the game. However, of late things have change with the introduction of mobile gaming and the choice of so many brands. This leaves the community side of bingo waning and thus making Team Bingo less popular. Dragonfish, the B2B arm of 888, have responded to this change by dropping Team Bingo and replacing it with a new promotion.

Wave goodbye to Team games and say hello to the 2 Million race where each month you compete with other players on the network to score the most points and take a share of the two million loyalty points to be won.

There is no need to email in with your Team name or even to form a team – you are on your own for this one.

You can earn points on the leaderboard each month by completing these tasks:

• 25 points for every bingo win on the Pound Sign pattern
• 1 point for every £1 you spend on bingo games
• 5 points for every bingo win on the number two
• 50 points for every total of £50 deposited in any given day
• 100 points for referring a friend to any of the sites.

Each month there will be a total of 40 winners in the Two Million Race and the loyalty points (LPs) will be shared as follows:

• 1st place – 300,000 LPs
• 2nd place – 250,000 LPs
• 3rd place – 150,000 LPs
• 4th place – 100,000 LPs
• 5th – 10 place – 75,000 LPs each
• 11th – 40th place – 25,000 LPs each

Remember, this is a networked promotion so players on the leaderboard will be from all of the sites on the network and not just the site you are registered with.


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