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Posted on 31, July 2013

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The Heist is the latest free game at Tombola and unlike the previous games where you simply logged into play, a code is required to enter the new free game. The code is sent by text to play and you cannot choose the boxes that are opened, this is done randomly by the game.

We received our code first thing this morning and it was 61 Right, 93 Left and 85 Right. To play we had to login to our account at Tombola Bingo and enter the six digits.

Once the code has been entered at Tombola Bingo the ‘robber’ then chooses five boxes at random (the number of boxes that are opened each day varies throughout the week, Monday it is five).

To win you have to match symbols as per below:

• Five bags of coins – £5 bonus
• Five cash stashes – £10 cash
• Six diamond rings – £50 cash
• Seven silver medals – £100 cash
• Eight bars of gold – £500 cash
• Nine diamonds – £1,000 cash

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The Heist – Tombola Free Game

On our first visit to the game we revealed three diamonds, one silver medal and one cash stash.

If you have not spent £2 at the site recently then you may get your code but be unable to play the game.

The new free game from Tombola, The Heist, works in a similar way to the previous versions of the bonus game so it isn’t too hard to figure out.

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