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Posted on 3, January 2014

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Barbara Windsor, The Queen of Bingo, seems to have claimed her rightful place on the throne at Jackpot Joy once again as a new marketing campaign for the brand launches. The 30 second commercial for the site starts with Babs on a balcony of a mid terrace house welcoming you to the Palace of Joy. Beside her stand two ‘butlers’.

The clip cuts to a crowd scene cheering then back to Babs who tells of what a Jackpot Joyful year this well be with the site dishing out million of smackers. There is even a Fiat 500 to be won in their latest promotion (read more here).

There is even a clip where one of Barbara’s most famous scenes plays in the background as she talks of ‘bursting with new ideas’. You know the one, from Carry On Camping where she is exercising and looses her bikini top. She continues on by telling viewers that you have to sign up to the site in order to share the Jackpot Joy before cheekily pinching their backsides.

The commercial ends in the usual manner, details of the welcome bonus being paraded across the screen.

The new Jackpot Joy advert is definitely one you look up to watch in the commercial break but simply because of Barbara’s dulcet tones, that and the chance to win a Fiat 500 for free. It continues to ensure that Jackpot Joy is one of the best known brands online today thanks to clever marketing and the impressive gaming experience the site has to offer.

Here’s the commercial in case you have yet to see it on the small screen:

Visit: Jackpot Joy


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