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Posted on 24, June 2014

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Tombola Bingo is name that is synonymous with a great online bingo gaming experience and their shelf full of awards is proof of that. What you may not know is that this brand doesn’t only offer the experience in English but also to the Italian and Spanish bingo players too. A recent news article (read the original here) confirmed that the Sunderland based company is the largest operator in both of the European countries.

The company was first established half a century ago and is now one of the best known and recognised online bingo brands. The innovation is something that we are always waxing lyrical about. Other brands online don’t launch unique games as often as Tombola Bingo do. Talking of which, a new one is due at the site any day now!

Leon Thomas, the Managing Director of Tombola International PLC, quoted the figures as 40% of the market in Spain explaining that this amount was more than double that of their nearest rival. He goes on to explain that their Spanish office in Madrid employs over 20 local people from many different regions of the country.

When it comes to Italy, a market Tombola have been in for under two years, approximately half of the online players in that market now play at Tombola with the company taking almost 27% of the total revenue.

It’s great to see such an established brand doing so well and we’ll certainly continue to support the brand as long as they keep providing the excellent community, gaming experience and innovation.

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