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Posted on 21, December 2014

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As the festive promotions start to wind down around the world of online bingo and sites turn their attention to the New Year we thought we’d do a top five of the best bingo logos for 2014. There are many sites that put a little effort into decorating their home pages and this year has been no different. We’ve seen brands hang out the baubles, deck the halls and some have even altered their logos.

It is the brands who have made a change to their logo who are eligible for a place in the top five festive bingo logo, just decorating your home page does not make a site eligible for inclusion in our list.

Without further ado, here are our top five festive bingo logos from online brands:

Number Five

Top Five Festive Bingo Logos/bingo news

Starting the proceedings at number five is Elf Bingo with a simple yet effective wreath and a splattering of snow added to their logo for a festive feel.

Number Four

Top Five Festive Bingo Logos/bingo news

Foxy Bingo may have only donned a Santa hat but it shows he was getting into the spirit of the season.

Number Three

Top Five Festive Bingo Logos/bingo news

Rocket Bingo takes our number three spot because it thinks outside of the box and incorporates the brand theme in the design.

Number Two

Top Five Festive Bingo Logos/bingo news

Tidy Bingo had to feature, it’s the brand I co own and the design was my idea. There is nothing like a bit of narcissism!

Number One

Top Five Festive Bingo Logos/bingo news

Costa Bingo get our number one position because we love how the sun that usually sites behind the C of Costa has been changed to a Christmas pudding – festive, fun and worthy of the title The Best Festive Bingo Logo of 2015!


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