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Posted on 29, December 2014

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We’re now just a little way away from 2015 and with the New Year usually comes a great array of big money games from various Internet bingo sites. However, 2014’s festive season wasn’t nearly as impressive as last year – for a start we didn’t see Wink Bingo offer a brand new Mini Cooper as a prize. Will the New Year’s Eve / Day jackpot games be just as disappointing?

There’s another two offerings from 888Ladies; a Goodbye £2014 and a Hello £2015. Each of these two games have tickets on sale now at 30p each and the prize money includes a 1TG share only on the Goodbye £2014.

Here’s how the prize money is split on both:

• Goodbye £2014 – one line for £250, two lines for £450 and the full house for £1,114. 1TG share £200
• Hello £2015 – one line for £400, two lines for £500 and a full house for £1,115

Foxy Bingo have let us down a little, there is no cash on offer for the New Year promo this year – just six million loyalty points. One million on each game from 7pm until midnight (one per hour) at a cost of 10p a ticket. A nice balance in your bonus funds but not in your bank account….

Costa Bingo are doing a day full of jackpots starting at midday and then every hour thereafter. Tickets start at 12p each and reduce by a penny per hour which means by midnight they are free! They offer cash prizes, bonus points and tangible gifts as prizes.

To be honest, we are disappointed all round this year. It all seems a bit ‘Scrooge’ but this could be because the sites are saving their pennies to see how the Point of Consumption tax affects their bottom line!


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