What Were They Thinking? Buddha Bingo! 0

Posted on 17, May 2014

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We’ve been doing online bingo for many moons now and we’ve seen some pretty bad brand names along the way but the latest is more than a little contentious we feel. Buddha Bingo is the newest name to join the Live Bingo Network powered by Cozy Games software which pretty much explains things in our opinion. Do they really believe that using a religious icon as branding is going to attract players or are they simply hoping the controversy means free marketing?

The latter could be true, we’re already writing about Buddha Bingo and it has only been open a few days. However, did the site learn nothing from the furore about Mecca Bingo a few years ago?

There’s little to be sad about the product itself to be honest, it’s Cozy Games – they only let you withdraw once a week and cap how much you can withdraw. However, they have lowered the minimum deposit before withdrawal to £5 and the minimum withdrawal amount to £20.

We read an article posted on Playing Bingo that addressed a couple of issues with the link to the Buddhist faith (you can read the original here). Mainly that whilst gambling isn’t entirely a ‘no no’ for Buddhists, the Code of Discipline (Sigalovada Sutta) would suggest that it is frowned upon.

Irrespective of the actual beliefs of Buddhists, surely there are some things in life that should remain sacred and not be subjected to being ‘bingofied’. Would you like to see Satanic Bingo, Catholic Bingo? A little bit of useless information for you is that there was once a site called Holy Bingo (read more here).

The brand was launched a few years ago on the Aberrant Software but didn’t last long. Maybe players weren’t putting enough in the collection plate as they left…..


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