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Posted on 11, June 2013

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In our industry, both online and offline, there are many people deserving of the title Mr Bingo. It could be that you consider Simon Collins, the co-founder of Cashcade (Foxy Bingo) should  be the rightful owner of the title or some might say it belongs to Phil Fraser of Which Bingo. However, there is a Mr Bingo who has absolutely nothing to do with our beloved game.

Mr Bingo was born in 1979 and is an illustrator/animator. He has become infamous for his Hate Mail idea. Basically you send him £40 and Mr Bingo will send you a vintage postcard with a drawing and offensive message on it.

For your money you are actually getting an original signed drawing under the following rules:

1. Each piece of postcard ‘art’ will be completely random.
2. You are not allowed any specific requests, you just ‘get what you’re given’.

3. If you’re sending Hate Mail to someone else, please remember to change the name and address in Paypal so it goes to the right place.
4. This is only open to people from the UK (for now) I’m afraid, sorry lovely overseas people! You can of course purchase one from overseas, as long as it’s being SENT to a UK address.
5. Mr Bingo is not responsible or liable for anyone who suffers any mental damage or suicidal feelings as a result of receiving Hate Mail.

This service should not be used for someone who doesn’t have a sense of humour because the art is certainly offensive, you only have to read the FAQ’s on Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail page for a taster!

Here’s an example of Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail:

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