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Posted on 24, May 2014

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We are used to seeing an array of ‘advertorials’ in various online and offline publications but a recent one had us scratching our heads and wondering if there is a bit of ‘right hand not knowing what the left is doing’ at Heat HQ. For those of you who don’t know, Heat have their own bingo site – it’s called Heat World Bingo and is powered by the Virtue Fusion software….

Why then is William Hill Bingo able to print an advertorial (we have only seen the online version) on the Heat website entitled ‘Win Up to £50k of bingo betting money’?

Yes, the promotion itself is exclusive to William Hill Bingo BUT Heat World Bingo offers the same gaming experience so surely this is a conflict of interest? We did also find it quite funny that the linked video (as shown in the image below) was for Vagisil! Interestingly there is also a clickable banner to the left of the screen actually advertising Heat World Bingo, we don’t think William Hill Bingo would be overly impressed with that!

William Hill Bingo Advertorial In Heat/bingo news bingo adverts

The advertorial itself is really poor and actually, as a bingo player, I found it more than a little patronising! Here’s a little snippet:

Okay, yes, those are all very good points. But wouldn’t nabbing a share of £50k of bingo betting dosh also make your weekend, y’know, a bit spectacular?
I guess so.

Eh, you guess so?
I’m kidding. Of course I want a bite of £50k. TELL ME MORE, HEAT! I’M IN ALL CAPS NOW TO CONVEY MY EXCITEMENT.

You can see the original advertorial for William Hill Bingo here.

We hope this advertorial didn’t cost William Hill Bingo much money but whatever it cost, we don’t think it was worth it!

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