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Posted on 14, November 2013

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It wasn’t that long ago that we bought you news of a change at the Live Bingo Network that saw the minimum deposit before with withdrawal and minimum withdrawal amount drop. The same has now been done at the Winners Bingo Network and for players choosing sites powered by the Cozy Games software; it means these two networks are the most ‘withdrawal’ friendly.

Previously sites on the Winners Bingo Network required that a £25 deposit had been made and a cash balance of £50 was available before withdrawal. Now the minimum deposit required before withdrawal is just £10 and the minimum withdrawal amount £30.

However, whilst these changes are certainly a move in the right direction, we still have issues with the withdrawal rules – namely that only one withdrawal can be made in any given seven-day period. To our mind, if you can deposit seven days a week you should be able to withdraw seven days a week!

Another bone of contention for us with brands on the Cozy Games software is the cap on withdrawals. The maximum that you can withdraw in a week is just £300 yet the sites will allow you to deposit £500 A DAY! If you win a progressive jackpot they do increase the maximum withdrawal per week to £1,000.

So, whilst we are pleased to see that the Winners Bingo Network has made the same move as the Live Bingo Network, it’s still not quite enough. With regards to other networks that use the Cozy Games software, the £25/£50 minimum deposit/withdrawal amounts remain in place.

You can see all brands currently on the Winners Bingo Network here.


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