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Posted on 7, November 2014

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Never failing to impress, yet again Foxy Bingo are reaching the heights of first rate giveaways as they are pleased to announce their latest promotion running throughout November, and what a promotion it is – having a magnificent £50,000 prize kitty to give away in their Super Duper Sliders games. Foxy Bingo is certainly the brand to beat as we see so many fantastic prizes from them time and time again.

During the course of November you will have the chance to win a maximum of £10,000 for each of the 75 ball Super Duper Slider games at Foxy Bingo which are played every Sunday at 9:30pm. With five games in total that is a whopping £50,000 prize pot to be shared amongst their lucky players.

Slider games work on the basis of the fewer the calls there are, the bigger the prize is, and in these Super Duper Sliders you can win a maximum of £10,000 with a guaranteed minimum of £1,000. Having already played, the first slider game took place on Sunday 2nd November but there are still four more to play, so get your tickets now at just 25p each, what have you got to lose?

The jackpot will be allocated in the following way:

24-41 calls wins £10,000
42 calls – £9,000
43 calls – £8,000
44 calls – £7,000
45 calls – £6,000
46 calls – £5,000
47 calls – £4,000
48 calls – £3,000
49 calls – £2,500
50 calls – £2,000
51 calls – £1,800
52 calls – £1,600
53 calls – £1,500
54 calls – £1,400
55 calls – £1,300
56 calls – £1,200
57 – 75 calls – £1,000

The remaining games will be played on Sunday the 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th, so make sure you have your tickets to play in the £50,000 Super Duper Sliders in this amazingly awesome Super Duper giveaway!

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