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Posted on 11, September 2014

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Do you enjoy all the thrills and spills of the funfair? Do you get a buzz from the fast paced rides? Want to ride a rollercoaster with a difference? Then hurry on down to Bingola where they have something in store for you that will fuel your excitement no end!

Introducing the £5K Big Dipper promotion, one that will send your excitement to another level, because in this game at Bingola you will have the chance of walking away with the top prize of a whopping £5,000 jackpot.

Tickets for this roller coaster ride are absolutely FREE as long as you meet the qualifying requirements of crediting your account within the last seven days before the big game takes place, which is every Sunday at 9pm.

The louder you scream, the faster you go and in this game it’s all about speed – the quicker you call bingo in this 75 ball game, the higher the prize you walk away with. But don’t worry; even if you’re not a speed demon and like to take things at a slower pace, you could still win a minimum of £500.

Below is a breakdown of how the jackpot prize money will be given:

24-29 wins £5,000
30-40 wins £3,000
41-45 wins £2,000
46-50 wins £1,000
51-75 wins £500

Jump aboard and take your seats in this adrenalin fuelled game and ride the £5K Big Dipper at Bingola for your chance to win some serious cash!

Visit: Bingola


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