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Posted on 17, January 2015

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When it comes to exclusive promotions on the 15 Network, Tidy Bingo stands head and shoulders above the others brands with their extensive offers. This site doesn’t have just one exclusive each month but boasts several on an on-going basis. One of the most recent additions to their schedule is Tidy Savers, a promo that sees you able to bank your bonus and save for Love2Shop vouchers.

Like many of the unique offers at Tidy Bingo the idea for Tidy Savers was born in their standalone room when Nickie, one of the site owners, was hosting a four hour session. Often Nickie will brainstorm with players or simply pick up on something in general conversation. In this instance it was the cost of Christmas.

This led to a few cogs turning in the head of Nickie and the Tidy Savers club was born. It’s really simple in the way that it works; loyalty points can be taken in the usual manner when a chat game is won or they can be banked. If the latter option is chosen then it gets added to the virtual Tidy Bank and saved to exchange for Love2Shop vouchers in November 2015.

Points can only be banked in the Tidy Cupboard and when Nickie is on duty. This means at least three sessions a month in the Cupboard which is open 7pm until 11pm every Tuesday. Points cannot be banked in any of the networked bingo rooms.

The loyalty points value is slightly better if they are taken – 500 points is 50p in bonus funds. For the Tidy Savers 500 loyalty points have a value of 25p.

Although the Tidy Savers promotion only started at the beginning of January, already there are a few £5 vouchers ready to be sent to a few Tidyers at the beginning of November and with plenty more Cupboard sessions, these voucher values are destined to rise.

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