Big Money Christmas Day Bingo Games 0

Posted on 25, December 2014

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Santa has now been and for many today will pass too quickly. After weeks (and in some cases, months) of preparation to get it all together, it is often a bit of an anti climax. With friends and families all gathering to celebrate Christmas today by the evening you may be looking forward to a game of bingo online so we thought we’d look at just some of the big money Christmas Day bingo games being played. And remember, for many you don’t even have to be logged into your account to play, just pre-buy your tickets.

We’re surprised this year at the lack of big money games on Christmas Day from some well-known brands. We’d expected one from Foxy but their Jingle Bell Ball played on 23rd December and was worth £25,000.

After taking a look around many of the sites that we expected to be hosting big money games we found that most had offered these on 23rd and 24th December! The only real big money jackpot available this evening (without checking every single site and schedule) that jumped out was the following offering:


At 7pm tonight there is a £3,000 jackpot game playing at 888Ladies. Tickets cost 30p each and the game is 90 ball. The prize will be split as

• One line for £400
• Two lines for £600
• Full house for £2,000

Of course on top of the above promotional games there are many standard cash jackpot games available, games like Bingo Linx etc. You just have to know the right site to visit and at what time! Remember, with the New Year fast approaching 31st December and 1st January will boast a number of big money jackpot games too.

Visit: 888Ladies