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Posted on 24, September 2014

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One of the latest promotions from Costa Bingo is their Roulette offering, bingo meets roulette. Whilst the site claims ‘for the first time ever, bingo meets roulette’, it isn’t exactly true as Tombola players will tell you. However, we are quite impressed with the promotion from this well-known brand even if it is a little bit of a rip-off from another site.

Each of the seven games in the Bingo Roulette special from Costa has a jackpot of either £50 or £500 and this is determined by the number that the winner calls bingo on. The first of the games played on Saturday 20th, the second on 22nd and the next plays tonight.

To win the £500 jackpot the bingo call has to be on one of the roulette numbers, tonight’s are 31 to 45. If the game is won on any other number outside of this range, the prize pot is just £50. Each game is 75 ball, plays at 10.30pm in the evening and tickets are just 5p each.

Here is the remaining schedule for the games and the roulette numbers that could win you the top prize of £500:

Thursday 25th – 46 to 60
Saturday 26th – 61 to 75

Should more than one player call bingo on the same number then the prize pool, whether it is £50 or £500, will be shared equally amongst all eligible winners.

You should note that this promotion is only open to players who have funded their account at Costa Bingo. If all you have only registered and claimed the £5 from the site, you need to deposit before you can participate in this promo.

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