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Posted on 22, September 2013

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Bingo 50 is one of many innovative games available at Tombola and if you are a fan of popping bubble wrap then you’ll love it. Things get better next week (from 23rd until 25th) for players of the game because there will be Double Bubble – double all the prizes including the jackpots on the games!

The first game on Bingo 50 at Tombola after 8pm, 9pm and 10p on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will offer the improved jackpots and prizes.

As the name suggests for this game, instead of 75 or 90 numbers there are just 50 and the game boasts just two lines of numbers, each with five on a line.

There are three prizes that can be won; the one line, full house (two lines) and of course, the jackpot. The latter is won by calling the full house in less than 19 bingo calls. These jackpots increase the more you spend per ticket. You have several different prices to choose from for your tickets – 25p, 50p, 75p or £1. Come tomorrow until Wednesday they’ll double!

Of course this is not the only innovative game from this brand, there’s quite a few that are completely unique to Tombola making it a site well worth a visit!

Tombola Bingo Welcome Bonus

New players to Tombola Bingo are
offered a 200% cash match bonus when they deposit at least £10 with the brand. The maximum deposit eligible for this bonus is £25.

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