Exclusive Deals From Spice Bingo 0

Posted on 29, August 2014

in Category Bingo Jackpots, Bingo Promotions, Facebook Bingo

Spice Bingo was the 8th brand to launch on the 15 Network and at opening had nothing different to offer players above the usual standard network promotions. However, as the site has aged they have introduced a number of exclusive deals for their players. One of these is a jackpot game that plays this evening, just for players at this brand.

The Back to School jackpot doesn’t offer life changing amounts of cash to be won, just a £100 prize pool on this game but tickets are only 5p AND you will only be competing with other Spice Bingo players. Yesterday, when we wrote this promotional article there were only 10 players who had actually bought tickets. That’s a one in 10 chance of being a winner. You have until 8pm this evening to buy tickets for the game.

In addition to the Back to School jackpot another exclusive is the chance to win a £50 bonus when the site hits 1,000 likes on their Facebook page. The current total, at the time of writing, was 945. Share the posts from the page and you will get 2,000 loyalty points from the site too. If you have not yet liked the page. Spice Bingo will give you a £1 bonus for doing so.

All you have to do is pop along, like the page and post your username on the page. The bonus will then be added to your account.

Although not quite as impressive as the exclusives we have seen from Tidy Bingo, at least Spice are trying to think outside of the network box.

Footnote: When writing this news article we actually bought tickets and won a total of £85 – the two line prize of £35 and the full house for £50. Just goes to show, these smaller games are worth entering.

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