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Posted on 1, August 2014

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We are fast approaching Tidy Bingo’s first Birthday, and since they first opened their virtual doors a little over eleven months ago, they have bought us one exclusive promotion after another, making them a firm favourite of the 15 Network. Each and every month they go out of their way to make sure they offer their roomies something special, whether it is the Facebook Snowball, the Tidy Cupboard or their very own progressive jackpot!

This progressive jackpot can only be only be found in their exclusive Tidy Cupboard. This room is open every Tuesday night between 7pm and 11pm and is only accessible by Tidy Bingo players, which boosts your chances of winning! These four hours are hosted by Nickie who is one if the sites owners or CM Blondie and they make sure everyone has a great time by running chat games, giving away thousands of Tidy Points and enjoying a bit of banter with their loyal players.

The actual idea for the progressive jackpot came from one of the players and Nickie liked it so much she added it to their regular line-up. The way it works is really simple, 5% of the sale price of all cards sold in the Tidy Cupboard is added to the value of progressive jackpot, which is activated if anyone wins a full house in 45 ball or less (which just happens to be one ball more than the networks own progressive jackpot). In the short time the progressive jackpot has been running it has be won twice; heidi2111 picked up £80.53 on the 27th May and xxxBAZINGAxxx pocketed £81.25 on Tuesday 24th June when she called on number 20 in just 36 balls!

If you have not yet played in the Tidy Cupboard, you might want to pencil a date in the diary for Tuesday 19th August, as this is when they are celebrating their first year with a four hour long Birthday Bash, packed full of special chat games, Tidy Points, guaranteed cash jackpots, Tidy Bingo merchandise, prizes and much much more!

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