Festive Fun And Frolics At Wink Bingo 0

Posted on 12, December 2014

in Category Bingo Bonus, Bingo Jackpots, Bingo Promotions

Wink Bingo have a new look and a new commercial showing on television at the moment and with it comes a whole realm of new promotions. We’re hoping this just isn’t a seasonal thing and whilst we’re going to enjoy the festive fun and frolics that the brand have to offer currently, we hope it continues into 2015! There are a selection of jackpots and an array of bonuses to be had at the site currently and here we take a look at just some of them…

We start with the Wink Bingo Week of Wonder where each day the site reveals a little surprise to it’s players. Of course we don’t know what the rest of the week has to offer but yesterday it was a games bonus.

All you had to do was play the free game on the Wink Bingo Facebook page, match all the pairs in 60 seconds or less and you were given a £5 bonus by way of a code. (You did have to deposit a minimum of £10 to receive the bonus though).

We’ve not checked out what is on offer today, we thought we would leave that to you. This promotion continues until Sunday 14th December.

The other festive promotion is 12 Days To Christmas and from Wink Bingo this means the chance to win £13,000 starting tomorrow. Each day they will be a jackpot game happening at the site at 8pm and each games boasts a £1,000 prize pool. Tickets are on sale now and you can pre-buy for all 13 games. Cards cost 25p per game and each is a 75 ball game with various patterns like a Christmas Bell, the number 10, Rudolph and many other festive patterns.

It looks like Wink Bingo are all ready for Christmas.

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