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Posted on 4, October 2014

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We see so many great promotions being announced on a regular basis, and the competition is so high in the online bingo industry that brands need to aim high to create an appeal that will attract players and draw an interest that will maintain good business. There are some fantastic promotions out there, with some seriously impressive prizes on offer, however, the good old ‘Jackpot’ games are the ones that the players always seem to enjoy. If it’s the jackpot games that keep you entertained then Angry Bingo have got just the thing with their Fighting Talk promotion.

Don’t be put off by the name of this site, they’re not angry at all, in fact they’re quite the opposite because they are giving away hundreds of pounds EVERYDAY in these jackpot games. Angry Bingo wants you to come and join them in some Fighting Talk where you can conquer the bingo battle and become a winner of some juicy jackpots.

There are two rooms in which you can play the Fighting Talk, first there’s the 5p Fighting Talk room where there is a £50 jackpot up for grabs, this room is open from 9am – 11pm everyday. Be the first to bingo on a Full House in this 75 Ball game. Tickets are priced at 5p each with a minimum purchase of one and a maximum of 96.

The second room is the 10p Fighting Talk room where the jackpot doubles to an impressive £100, opening at 10am right through until midnight. Tickets can be bought at 10p each with a minimum purchase of one and a maximum of 96. This jumbo jackpot will be shared in the following way:

1 Line wins £10
2 Lines win £30
Full House £50

With so many chances to win everyday you’d be mad to miss it, so make sure you visit Angry Bingo and join them in some friendly fun Fighting Talk and be a winner in these explosive jackpot games.

Visit: Angry Bingo


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