Foxy’s BOGOF And Maximum Bingo Jackpots 0

Posted on 12, January 2015

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You’ll no doubt have seen the new commercials from Foxy Bingo on TV and you may well have been impressed with the new look that their website is currently boasting. However, what we think you will be more impressed by are a few of the special big money jackpot games that the site has on offer. There is more than £5,000 to be won in just one promotion next week, BOGOF at Butlins and then there is the £25,000 Maximum Bingo game playing on Friday 30th January!

These big money prizes are not really a new addition to Foxy Bingo, the site has always been well known for offering some of the most impressive jackpots online.

BOGOF to Butlins

It’s a funny name for a promotion that actually just pays out £1,000 to the full house winner. You don’t actually get a Butlins holiday, you can just book one with your winnings.

Every day from today until Friday 16th January there will be a BOGOF game at 9.30pm where the prizes are:

One line for £25
Two lines for £50
Full house for £1,000

Pop along to the main lobby and look for the tab named BOGOF to Butlins to pre-buy your tickets.

Maximum Bingo

Tickets for this game at Foxy Bingo are just 99p each and are on sale now. For your 99p you get several chances to win a share of the £25,000 prize pool on offer. It is split as follows:

All losing tickets share £10,000
2TG shares £1,000
1TG shares £1,000
One line for £2,000
Two lines for £3,000
Full House for £8,000

Visit: Foxy Bingo