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Posted on 11, October 2013

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You will know doubt be well aware by now that the voice of the Bingo Godz balls is none other than Brian Blessed, and that he is also the voiceover in the commercial. However, whilst he may be the most famous of the Godz he doesn’t possess the powers of the others and therefore won’t be quite as lucrative for you as a player.

Each Level at Bingo Godz have several different gods to please and each boasts a little something extra for the player. A new level cannot be accessed until you have collected all six from your current level.

We all start in Greek and the Godz are Zantos, Afro-Ditty, Aunty Iris, Hypnozzz, Hebeebee and Earos. The next level is Eastern where you will meet Marsha-Mellow, King Mischief, Lord Hog, Sandy Bottom, Trip-Taker and Sing Along. The Egyptian level boasts Kittycatra, Happy, Froth, Ra-Uff, Shu-Horn and So-Wet whilst in Tiki you can meet Ka-Pow’a, Kamouflage, Sugar Cain, Rock Solo, Paka and Whaki.

The penultimate level is Norse and it is here you will find Fryer, Bragg A Lot, Tyre, Balder, Fridge and Stunna with the final level being Cosmic where you will meet Neptuna Tin, Vulcan, Marz, Veronica Venus and Flaming Mercury as well as Blue-Toe.

Which of the Bingo Godz will you be collecting next and what reward will they bestow upon you?

Bingo Godz Welcome Bonus

New players to Bingo Godz are awarded a £5 no deposit required bonus at registration followed by a 100% cash match on first deposit.

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