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Posted on 20, November 2014

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There’s always one brand who’s in first with the Christmas preparations, on the high street it’s John Lewis, but in the online bingo world we’re giving the title to 888Ladies this year who have just announced their festive jackpots, all £8,800 of them!

With such huge jackpots available on the Internet today we think 888Ladies is lagging behind the competition a little, and we’re sure there’ll be some heart stopping jackpots announced over the coming weeks. However, there could be something in getting in there first, and we’re sure the stalwart players on site will already be getting excited.



The tickets are on sale now, so here’s a rundown of what’s available, how much the tickets will cost, and what you could win:

The first game is Dasher’s game and it plays on 21st December at 7pm and it’s a 75-ball game; tickets cost 20p each, and there’s £300 to be won.

Then on 22nd December is Dancer’s game with a £400 jackpot. This is a 75-ball game, and it plays at 7pm with tickets costing 20p each.

On 23rd December it’s Prancer’s turn with a £500 75-ball jackpot. This game plays at 7pm and tickets are 20p each.

Christmas Eve brings Vixon and her £600 jackpot. The 75-ball game plays at 7pm and tickets will cost you just 20p each.

Christmas Day is the big one, and this is on pre-buy if you can’t get into the rooms. Rudolph’s game plays at 7pm on 25th December, tickets are 30p each and as it’s a 90-ball game, the £3,000 is split between three winners.

Then to see the New Year in is the Goodbye £2,014, Hello £2,015 jackpots, and you can buy tickets for these 90-ball games for 30p each. The games play on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day at 7pm, respectively, and the prizes are as stated.

It’s not a bad bunch of games, and with plenty of time to stock up on tickets between now and then, you could be quids in with 888Ladies.

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