Last Chance For Python Prizes With Film Bingo 0

Posted on 26, January 2015

in Category Bingo Promotions, Prize Bingo

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail film, Film Bingo have been running a promotion all month with prizes all with a Monty Python theme. Today sees the last week of January and that means the last of these prizes from this online bingo brand.

Already this month Film Bingo have given away a Monty Python Holy Grail mug, a Michael Palin book about the Python Years and then last week, a Monty Python Fluxx games.

Players had to perform a number of tasks to get their name in the hat for the previous draws. Week one it was about the knights who say ‘ni’ and a win on the N or I pattern was required, week two and it was the launch date of the film (1, 19 and 75) that secured an entry into the draw. Last week it was all about the French soldier with a request by Film Bingo to post ‘I fart in your general direction’ on their Facebook wall,

In the final week there are no such requirements. You don’t have to win on patterns or letters or post silly comments on their social media pages. This week all that is required is that you deposit at least £20 in total and then your name will be in the final prize draw. Being the last week means the best prize and if it is your name that is drawn at random then you will receive a brand new Samsung DVD/Blu Ray player AND the Holy Grail on Blu-ray.

Good Luck if you choose to take part in this promotion from Film Bingo, an exclusive for players at their site rather than a network offering.

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