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Posted on 20, August 2014

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Whilst the guaranteed jackpots at any bingo site are always a big hit with players, especially when they are in their thousands, we also love a good progressive and the chance to win a massive prize pool that has grown over time with each ticket sale made. Kitty Bingo have recently upped the ante in the progressive jackpot stakes by introducing a few new ones (networked with Lucky Pants Bingo).

With each of the new progressives having their own set of rules at Kitty Bingo, the winning potential is quite impressive. Here we look at just some of the recent additions to the site and how you go about winning some of the jackpots on offer now.

90 Ball

Just 15 numbers are required to win a game of 90 ball bingo, although it is highly unlikely you can call in so few. However, the new PJP at Kitty for 90 ball can be won in 31 numbers or less for the full house.

75 Ball

If you can win on the letter W at Kitty Bingo in just 28 numbers or less then you will get the pot prize AND the progressive jackpot in the 75 ball rooms.

High Cut

Played in both 75 and 90 ball rooms on Thursdays between 8am and 1am the High Cut can be won if you win on the numbers 86-90 in 90 ball or 71-75 in the 75 ball rooms.

Low Cut

Similar to High Cut but Tuesdays are the day for this jackpot and the numbers are 1-4 for bingo in both 75 and 90 ball.

There is more to the progressive jackpot story than the above so why not pop along to Kitty Bingo and learn more at the site.

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