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Posted on 26, December 2014

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When it comes to offering up impressive jackpots there are a number of sites that are going to be showing off with big money cash prizes and Lucky Pants Bingo is one such site. However, unlike other brands who are opting for the guaranteed jackpot, this brand have a New Years Day prize pool that starts high but reduces in size the more bingo calls that are made.

On 1st January at 9pm Lucky Pants Bingo are offering a top prizes of £15,000 on a five line bingo game (they did similar on Christmas Day but for a £12,000 prize pool) and you can buy tickets now at a cost of just 20p a ticket.

Pop along to the site now and grab your 20p chance to be a big winner by visiting the Prebuys tab from the main lobby. Look for the New Year’s Day room and once you have a ticket or two, hope that you can call the full house in 45 numbers of less to win the top prize of £15,000!

Should no one have called bingo before 45 numbers then the jackpot will reduce quite dramatically as per the scale below:

• 46 calls – prize of £4,000
• 47 calls – £3,000
• 48 calls – £2,000
• 49 calls – £1,000
• 50 calls – £800
• 51 calls – £700
• 52 calls – £600
• 53 calls to 75 calls – £500

As you can see, the minimum that will be won is £500 but remember, this is a five line game so there are prizes for one line, two lines, three lines and four lines from Lucky Pants Bingo, these are £150 each.

Visit: Lucky Pants Bingo


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