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Posted on 17, October 2014

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There are now over 20 different brands available on the 15 Network powered by the Jumpman Gaming software and for the most part, they all offer the same networked promotions. However there are some brands (like Tidy Bingo) that up the ante a little and offer exclusive deals to their players. Rocket Bingo is one such brand but they tend to do things a little differently..

Where Tidy will offer a leaderboard style promotion offering players the chance to win a prize by finishing in pole position, Rocket Bingo want their players to be a little more ‘hands on’. We’d previously seen this brand ask their players to make loo roll rockets to win prizes but this month they are asking you to Pimp Your Pumpkin.

On the dedicated promotional page at Rocket Bingo there are three templates that you can download if you wish, or you can simply design your own. The hardwork then begins as you have to create the best pumpkin lantern possible for your chance to win the top prize of a Kindle.

Here’s how to enter the competition:

1. Create a template or download one from Rocket Bingo.
2. Carve your pumpkin.
3. Upload a picture of your masterpiece to the Rocket Bingo Facebook page or email to support@rocketbingo.co.uk

The prizes are as follows:

• A £10 Amazon voucher will be given to the most creative entry.
• 1st place will win a Kindle worth £60.
• 2nd to 4th place will win a scary sweets jar.

If you are feeling creative then head on over to Rocket Bingo.

Visit: Rocket Bingo


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