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Posted on 7, May 2014

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On Monday 5th May William Hill Bingo launched a new promotion at their site called the Daily Bonus. Players are the site have the opportunity to claim an additional prize when they call house at this brand from now until 11th May. Visit the Bargain Basement because this is where it is all happening, just make sure you bring Lady Luck with you!

How the Daily Bonus at William Hill Bingo works is really simple, but not quite as impressive as the first glance had us believe. Each day of this promotion there is a chosen number and if you win on this number of the Bargain Basement, you will win an additional bonus.

On Monday the number was 5, wins on the number 5 earned players an addition £5 in bonus funds. Tuesday the number was 6, winners got an additional £6 in bonus funds. Yesterday the number was seven and well, we think you can work out the rest….

The final day of the promotion is Sunday 11th May and you’ve guessed it, a win on the number 11 will see the lucky players get an additional £11 in bonus funds.

The reason we are not overly impressed is that these rules aren’t applied to ALL bingo games every day, just a promotional game that plays once every hour at 2 minutes past the hour (except for tomorrow, 8th, when they play at 7 minutes past the hour).

There actually won’t be that many players who manage to call bingo on the special numbers at all….

William Hill Bingo Welcome Offers

New players are offered the chance to claim a 400% cash match bonus. Simply deposit £10 and spend it on bingo and the brand will give you a £20 bingo bonus and a £20 games bonus absolutely free.

New Players Arrival Lounge

In addition to the cash match bonus on offer, new players are able to access the Arrivals Lounge for seven days soon after receiving their New Player Bonus.

The room is open from 10am until 11am, 4pm until 5pm and then 7pm until 8pm every day with each game paying out £7 in bonus funds with the exception of the final game, this boasts a £10 prize pool.

Visit: William Hill Bingo


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