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Posted on 19, February 2014

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Quizzing’s part of bingo. Usually it’s just a little side game in one of the rooms, and great fun it is too. Tidy are taking the bingo quiz and giving it a nice little quiz with an inbox quiz that will pay you £2 a time with no typing tests in the chat window. Oh, and the best bit is that Tidy will even tell you the answers you need to know.

There’s no home for Jeremy Paxman and the brainiacs of University Challenge with the Tidy Quiz. The subject is something we all know about, bingo, and all you need to do find the answers is keep checking the Tidy Bingo blog and the site’s Facebook page – all the answers are there.

The questions arrive by mail, but it’s not your personal email address but the Tidy system that you need to check. It’s easy enough to do and a good routine to get into. Just sign into your account and you’ll see the inbox on the left hand side of your screen. If it’s blue your inbox is empty, a pink sign with a number in a star means you’ve got mail and should give it a click.

Each quiz message, and there will be two a month delivered on Fridays, will contain five questions and as your teachers told you at school all you need to do is pay attention!

Bingo sites are always trying to tell you stuff, but Tidy are making it worth your while to keep an eye on what’s going on. The answers are always in the same place – the blog of the Facebook page, so it’s not exactly brain surgery to keep on top of things.

Check your questions and get your answers back to the Tidy team by 23.59 on the same day and everyone who gets all the questions right will see a nice little £2 bonus on their account the following Monday.

Tidy Bingo Welcome Offer

New players to Tidy Bingo are given a 200% cash match bonus on their first deposit of as little as £5. However, make a first deposit of at least £10 and you can spin the wheel for an additional bonus of up to £2,500.

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