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Posted on 12, October 2013

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If you’re a fan of the X Factor, then Tidy Bingo has just the promotion for you with the Tidy Factor. This exclusive giveaway isn’t available anywhere else on the network, and you could win a share of £500 in bonus funds, just for guessing the X Factor winner 2013. However, it seems unfair that players who don’t watch the X Factor are going to miss out, and so a slight rule change will mean everyone will get an entry!

If this is the first you’ve heard of the promotion, and you’re a depositing player at Tidy Bingo then you’ll can either email in your selection to Tidy Bingo right now or wait until after the deadline of 8pm tonight and be allocated an act at random.

If you do wish to choose your own entry, you’ll need to be quick as all entries must be in before the live shows begin at 8pm. Simply email team@tidybingo.com adding TIDY FACTOR to the subject line, include the act you think will win this year, and your Tidy Bingo username.

Be quick, or Tidy Bingo will allocate you an act, and if it’s not the act you think will win, you may be dealt a dud! But this rule change does mean that if you don’t watch the show, and you don’t know who the finalists are, you will still get a chance to join in and win a share of the loot!

Once the show is over, all the winning entries, or winning allocations will get to share the prize pool, and that’s a £500 bonus fund payment. So if ten players select, or are allocated the winning act, each player will receive a massive £50 in bonus funds. It’s not quite a recording contract, but you don’t need to sing or audition!

Tidy Bingo Welcome Offer

New players to Tidy Bingo are given a 200% cash match bonus on their first deposit of as little as £5. However, make a first deposit of at least £10 and you can spin the wheel for an additional bonus of up to £2,500.

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