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  • No deposit required bonus: N/A
  • First deposit bonus: 200% (up to a maximum of £50)
  • Reload Bonuses: N/A
  • Software: Proprietary
  • Network: Standalone



Tombola touts itself as Britain's biggest online bingo site, and they're not wrong; and most likely one of the main reasons for this success is that they used to operate the bingo site for the Sun newspaper prior to the tabloid switching to another software provider.

Registration is easy with minimal information requested, although they do send you to a banking page to make a deposit as though it's compulsory '“ but in fact it's not. You can log in without depositing a penny, though when you do decide to deposit you have a choice of just Visa (debit or credit), Maestro, Mastercard or PayPal; withdrawals can be made using the same methods and take up to 5 working days. If you have any difficulties then help is at hand via phone, email and live chat.

Once you've logged in you'll find things look very different to most other bingo sites:

The first thing you'll be confronted with is a blog, telling you about recent winners, the latest games, selected jackpots you might want to aim for and more. Navigation to the games themselves is via a series of icons arranged vertically on the left of the blog, almost as though they're advertising side games rather than the main focus of the site - but the bingo games are here; incidentally they launch quickly and they do their job.

The choice of games is bewildering, with many interesting varieties of bingo mixed in with other games. There are the standard 90 and 75 ball games as you'd expect, along with the speedy new 80 ball format - but you'll also find 50 and 60 ball bingo here, which as far as we are aware these are not available at any other site. The cards are nice and simple with a refreshingly bold, Flash-style design; the balls are on the left, your cards in the middle and a variety of chatrooms to the right. You can select from a variety of chatrooms, which will suit anyone who's fussy about who they talk to '“ and you will need to get a rapport going with someone, as there are virtually no side games at Tombola to keep you occupied between games.

Bizarrely you won't find a single slot or scratchcard game within the bingo rooms so there's no doubling up and setting the bingo to autoplay whilst you go for a spin. This is partly compensated for by the other games that you'll find in the long list in the lobby - though even these are mostly variations on the bingo theme rather than real side games:

Rollercoaster launches a funfair ride which throws bingo balls into the air, and there are a couple of Roulette bingo games, where numbers are chosen by a spinning wheel instead of picked out at random. Whilst these are simply plain old bingo with fancy graphics, there's also a battleships game using a similar format to the childhood classic we all know and love, Lucky Pick a tombola-style game and also Bandit '“ a very basic trio of traditional pub fruit machines. For an alternative to the usual bingo there is Cinco, a very easy to play card game that will have you enthralled from the first moment and the highly addictive Hamster game- which will have you coming back again and again, but not for any kind of big jackpots but purely the '˜cute factor' of watching the tiny hamsters race.

Simply put, this is a site for the bingo connoisseur '“ and as such it does its job well, with bold, simple, honest, games. What it lacks in side games it makes up for in bingo variations, so if you're looking for new ways to play bingo, this is the site for you'¦



Bingo Games Available


Tombola Bingo currently offers 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo games alongside a whole plethora of innovate games like Cinco and Pirates. The site is well known and loved for it's innovation and new games are being added all of the time.


Deposit / Withdrawal / Wagering Requirements


  • The minimum deposit required is £10.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is £30.


There are no wagering requirements at Tombola Bingo.

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