Free Bingo

Free bingo actually comes in a variety of formats in the world of online gaming. Free, as defined in the dictionary, is ‘not costing or charging anything’ but as you are probably aware brands often boast free bingo but there is a cost of some description involved.

It is a rarity to find a brand online today that offers you bingo that really is entirely free to play and that allows you to withdraw winnings derived from a free bonus allocated to you at sign up or from winnings gained by playing free games without making a deposit.

For the most part free bingo are no cost games that pay out bonus funds but winnings cannot be withdrawn unless a minimum deposit has been made. The minimum amount required as a deposit varies from brand to brand but you should also note that many sites have a minimum withdrawal amount to consider also.

Additionally many brands will advertise ‘£20 free’ but a deposit is required to actually receive the bonus thus making it not free at all!

The History Of Free Bingo

Free bingo was first introduced to the world of online gaming by way of a no deposit required welcome bonus. Brands offered these bonuses when you registered with their site and the money gave you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’. However as more sites launched and operators could no longer sustain the amount of free cash played at their sites, we saw more brands opting to offer a higher cash match bonus on first deposit.

The First 24/7 Free Bingo Brand

In February 2009 Cashcade launched the first ever ‘play for free, win for real’ online bingo brand, Cheeky Bingo. The site offered no cost gaming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It wasn’t long before other brands took on the same ethos…

Of course there are an abundance of other sites who all offer some sort of free bingo whether it is with a no deposit required bonus or a cash match deal. For more details all of our bingo reviews contain information about the welcome deals and the wagering requirements as well as the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts.