How Bingo Works

How does online bingo gaming work?

Bingo players enter a bingo room and spend money by purchasing bingo tickets from an online account. From the money taken from each player, the proceeds are then split by most of the money going onto the prize board, some may be retained to go into a jackpot and some will be taken as a charge for participating in the bingo game . The prizes often then determined by how many tickets are purchased and how much each ticket costs. The higher the cost of the ticket and number of tickets sold, then the higher the prize money. The number of tickets sold also determines your win ability, the more players the less likely your chance of winning.

How are prizes set for each of the games?

The prizes are determined by number of players and the cost of the ticket, the amount the bingo gaming company (e.g. Foxy Bingo) takes out of each ticket can vary. Our experience and knowledge indicates that some gaming sites that we showcase can take as much as 30% of ticket value.

How does the number of players affect the game?

The number of players can effect the bingo game in terms of win-ability, prize funds and atmosphere around the forums, too many players can spoil the game so many companies have more than one room on offer.

What’s in it for the bingo company – how do they make a profit?

Online Bingo companies make profits in the same way as land based bingo club. They take a small percentage from the price you pay from each ticket. Many of the mini games similar to fruit machines in bingo clubs also generate revenue but you will find the percentage returns on these games at sites such as pay out a generous 90%+

How long do online games last?

Online bingo games usually last about 4 minutes and you have around 2 minutes to purchase tickets for the next game. Bingo tickets generally cost anything form 1p each up to around 50p a ticket for the bigger games.