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The Palace of Jackpot Joy 0

Posted on 3, January 2014

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Barbara Windsor, The Queen of Bingo, seems to have claimed her rightful place on the throne at Jackpot Joy once again as a new marketing campaign for the brand launches. The 30 second commercial for the site starts with Babs on a balcony of a mid terrace house welcoming you to the Palace of Joy. Beside her stand two ‘butlers’

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Stuff And Money with Jackpot Joy 0

Posted on 3, September 2013

in Category Bingo Adverts, Bingo News

A recent trawl of You Tube revealed yet another new bingo commercial, this time from Jackpot Joy. However, whilst the Paddy Power advert covered yesterday is completely different to the previous advertising campaigns from the brand, the Jackpot Joy commercial brings all the main characters onto the stage with Barbara Windsor (The Queen of Bingo) for what can only be described as an end of show party

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