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Win A Date With Bingo Dan At Butlins Bingo 0

Posted on 18, December 2014

in Category Bingo Chat, Bingo Chat Games, Bingo Promotions, Prize Bingo

Dan is the man who fronts the Bingo Tonight live show on sites like Butlins Bingo and whilst he may not be our idea of a hot date, but we’re sure they are many an avid player who wouldn’t mind a bit of time alone with him. The prize in one of the many promotions at Butlins Bingo (and across the network) is a date with Dan, a date that will take place in February on Valentine’s Day

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Santa’s Super Stash At Butlins Bingo 0

Posted on 8, December 2014

in Category Bingo Jackpots, Bingo Promotions, Prize Bingo

Butlins Bingo are offering their players the chance to get their hands on Santa’s Super Stash this Christmas but for a chance to win, it’s going to cost you at least £10. The promotion started at the beginning of the month and there will be a prize draw for the next two weeks (there is one today but unless you have registered and deposited at least £10 between 1st and 7th December, you won’t be in the draw). To participate you have to visit Butlins Bingo and their special Santa’s Super Stash promotional page. Here you have to choose which [&hellip

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Community Jackpot At Butlin’s Bingo 0

Posted on 26, November 2014

in Category Bingo Jackpots, Bingo Promotions

Feeling rather generous this month, Butlins Bingo have had a great little promotion running throughout November with their Community Jackpot that has an impressive prize fund of £18,500. Every single day, apart from a Friday, there is £500 to be won in this exciting promotion. If you are an avid fan of the game, and someone who likes a daily fix of bingo balls then this promotion is perfect for you, because every day you can play along for your chance to win some cash

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Bargains Galore At Butlins Bingo 0

Posted on 10, June 2014

in Category Bingo Promotions, Free Bingo

Go bingo crazy this month at Butlins Bingo where they are giving players the chance to join in with some amazing offers. Make sure you pencil in the 11th (tomorrow) and 17th June in your diary and set aside these two dates for a bargain bingo bonanza! You can be playing in two promos where you will have the chance to win from a whole host of games plus FREE bingo on a shoestring budget thanks to free and bargain games this month

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Bank Holiday Bonanza At Butlins Bingo 0

Posted on 24, May 2014

in Category Bingo Promotions, Prize Bingo

Don’t you just love the month of May, well I for one certainly do! And top of my list for making it such a great month has to be the pleasure of being blessed with two bank holidays, then of course we have the lighter evenings, warmer weather, and generally just the good feeling this month can generate amongst us. To help celebrate the arrival of our long awaited and much needed summer, Butlins Bingo want to introduce you to their latest promotion – Bank Holiday Bonanza

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Wish For A Jackpot Genie Win At Butlins Bingo 0

Posted on 27, April 2014

in Category Bingo Jackpots, Bingo Promotions

The end of April is fast approaching and as we all hope to say goodbye to the April showers, we hope May brings with it plenty of sunshine and good weather. For online bingo players the end of the month heralds the Jackpot Genie game at Butlins Bingo and your chance to win a share of a bumper prize pool, £5,000 to be exact

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The Big Win, Travel Edition, At Butlins Bingo 0

Posted on 10, March 2014

in Category Bingo Promotions, Prize Bingo

You might think that when a site called Butlins Bingo does a travel promotion offering up a selection of different destinations to lucky winners, one might be a trip to one of the three Butlins holiday camps. It is certainly what we were expecting from the Big Win, Travel Edition – sadly it has disappointed a little. Of course we still love the prizes but we’d like to see a little more brand connection please!

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Tell Butlins Bingo What You Love 0

Posted on 9, February 2014

in Category Bingo Promotions, Bingo Side Games, Prize Bingo

Butlins Bingo, like many brands before it this month, are offering up a love themed promotion for February to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, whilst they ask you to tell them about the love of your life, it is more an IT than a who they are looking for. There are three leaderboards at the site this month and each offers a selection of prizes

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Dragon Called Bingo At Butlins 0

Posted on 23, January 2014

in Category Bingo News

Often bingo is mentioned quite randomly in an article giving us a tenuous link for something interesting to write about, sometimes with some sort of worthy message but never did I think that I would be covering a story about Deborah Meaden and bingo. That said, once upon a time bingo was actually on Dragon’s Den! Gaming Alerts managed to drag £200,000 from Theo Paphitis for 30% of their company but where is the site now, seven years later

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January Jackpot Genie At Butlins Bingo 0

Posted on 22, January 2014

in Category Bingo Jackpots, Bingo Promotions

The Jackpot Genie is on his travels and will soon be landing his magic flying carpet in the Bingo Café at Butlins Bingo again. As an ongoing promotion the Genie brings an impressive jackpot to the players of this brand, and it certainly boasts a prize kitty that will make you want to get involved. If you’re feeling lucky then why not come along and rub the Genie’s lamp and see if the magic will work for you!

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