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Helen Flanagan Moonlights With The Bingo Godz 0

Posted on 19, February 2014

in Category Bingo Adverts, Bingo News

We often see bingo brands use big stars to front their brand, and soap stars seem to be prime material for the role. The biggest soap star to bingo site connection has to be the Queen of Bingo herself, Barbara Windsor, now affiliated with Jackpot Joy, but tottering along in her high-heeled footsteps is Helen Flanagan, or at least her alter ego Helena the Mancunian Goddess of Love, soon to be seen at Bingo Godz

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Gala Bingo Fred Elliot Advert 0

Posted on 19, December 2013

in Category Bingo Adverts, Bingo News, Gambling Adverts

Considering what a scoop is has been for Gala Bingo to be able to offer Coronation Street Bingo we have been quite surprised at how little people are talking about it. However, that could all be changing as Gala are now airing a new commercial advertising the new game and it features none other than Fred Elliot himself

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ITV Bingo Changes Since Corrie Dropped 0

Posted on 7, September 2013

in Category Bingo News

A few weeks ago we received an email from Cashcade, the operators of ITV Bingo, that all references to Corrie (Coronation Street) should be removed from any reviews or information about the brand. Today we visited the site to see how much it has changed since 31st August when all references to the nation’s favourite soap had been removed

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ITV Bingo Changes Imminent 0

Posted on 17, August 2013

in Category Bingo News

ITV Bingo started life as a standalone brand but then a shake up of all the Cashcade brands a little while ago saw it join the network. More changes set to be afoot with a recent email from the Cashcade affiliate team requesting that we “remove all references to Coronation Street from your ITV Bingo content by the 31st August. This includes any Coronation Street-related content, including past ITV Bingo prize giveaways and promotions.”

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