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GRASP Wink Bingo ASA Complaint 0

Posted on 13, June 2013

in Category Bingo Adverts, Bingo News

The Gambling Reform and Society Perception Group (GRASP) is a non-profit organisation that was created by David Bowerman, a gambling addict who stole more than £5 million to feed his addiction. The site aims to ‘raise awareness of problem gambling and restrict the damage being done to the young, vulnerable, family members and society from this insidious addiction’. It is the organisation who penned the one complaint received by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) about a poster on a bus for Wink Bingo

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Dream Idols Disappear From Wink Bingo 0

Posted on 30, May 2013

in Category Bingo News

It wasn’t so long ago that when you visited the home page of Wink Bingo you were greeted by five semi-clad young men collectively known as the Dream Idols. The commercials for the brand also featured the good-looking lads but a visit to the site yesterday found no trace of them, it seems they have done a disappearing act

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‘Meet’ The Dream Idols At Wink Bingo 0

Posted on 27, March 2013

in Category Bingo Promotions

Tomorrow night at 8pm until 10pm you are in for a real treat over at Wink Bingo as you can chat live with the Dream Idols during a live bingo session. Having spent time with Ollie, Lorenz, Billy, Lewis and Tommy previously I can say hand on heart that you will have an absolute blast in the room as each of the guys have a superb personality (not to mention fit bodies too)

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